832 of 1001

I’m almost done with Troubles by J.G. Farrell, so it’s almost time to reserve the next book on the list picked, of course, by Zombiegirl.  She picked 832, which is The House by the Medlar Tree by Giovanni Verga.  It’ll be a nice change- Troubles was set in Ireland in the 1920’s in the middle of Sinn Fein uprising.  The House by the Medlar Tree takes place in a small fishing village in Italy in the late 1800’s.  I can hardly wait.

I’ll review Troubles in a day or so on Goodreads.  I’ll update here with the review.

Review I put up on Goodreads:

I liked this book- really.  I think I would have liked it more, however, if it wasn’t written in an early 1900’s voice.  I know it took place in the early 1920’s, but it was written in the 1970’s.  It was humourous and wry, but sometimes it was lost in the verbose language.

I had little idea of the Sinn Fein uprising and the troubles that Ireland went through at that time.  Farrell sprinkles news articles throughout (real?) the book to give updates on the uprising.  Useful?  I, after a while, stopped reading them.

I loved the description of the hotel (being an architect) and it’s slow sink into despair. I got the parallels between the demise of the hotel and the demise of the nation.  I thought some of the characters were too vain, too shallow, but I chalked it up to the times and the turbelence of the country.

On the 1001 books to read before I die?  Maybe.  I could think of other books I’d recommend first.


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