It Isn’t Easy Being Green

I’m always thinking, always plotting.  Always trying to figure out a way to make a little more money.

(I should probably stop right there.  Most of you know how my business ventures end up…

Whatevs.  Damn my inability to run a successful business and full speed ahead!)

Greening my life is a passion of mine.  Save the planet! Save the chickens! Conserve water!  Compost!  It’s been a theme in my life for awhile.

Among my many ideas, I thought about starting a home-based business (again) selling green products and cleaners.  Combine my “passion” (hardy-har-har) with a potential money-making opportunity.  Could I ask a favor, my faithful (two!) readers?

Could you take the poll below and let me know if this is an awesome idea?  Or take it if you think I’ve gone off the deep end.  Muchos Gracias!


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