For a few months now, I’ve been trying to master the logic behind Sudoku.  I loaded Enjoy Sudoku on the Droid- this is the only thing saving my sanity on the bus ride home.

I can’t solve them completely and it’s driving me crazy.  I get to a certain point and I have to hit the Hints button.  The great thing about this app is when you ask for a hint, they give you the explanation of the solving strategy.  I’ve learned about BUGs, Naked Pairs, Locked Triples, Squirmbags, Sashimi, Franken Fish, X-Wings and Hidden Singles.

Who knew?  I thought it was just a number game…

I was never good at math puzzles.  Something in my brain slides forward and closes off that area that allows me to concentrate on a problem that requires logical thinking.  But I like Sudoku.  I can solve the easier ones, but “devious” on up the difficult scale are still illuding me.  Every so often, I’ll ponder the stategy over and over then BAM- it’ll hit me and I’ll understand.  I’m building up my solving skills little by little.  I should be able to solve these suckers in, oh maybe, a year or so?  See?  You can teach an old dog new tricks.

Can anyone explain an XY-wing to me?

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