Pay The Damn Piper

The day after our disasterous camping trip found me on the couch trying to catch up with the local news.  Times in our neighborhood haven’t been too good what with the fire at the school and at least five muggings that I’ve heard of.  Even one of our neighbors had enough and started putting together a neighborhood watch.  It just seems like our little slice of heaven fell on the floor buttered side down.

During the break in the news, Cablevision’s editorial guy (don’t know his name, but he always looks tired…) starts speaking of Leandra’s law- making it a felony to drive drunk with a child younger than 15 years old in your car- and how breathalyzers are now mandatory in cars owned by anyone with a DWI conviction.  This sounds like a good plan, albeit one with a few holes.

Such as… what prevents someone else in the car from blowing into the breathalyzer?  What prevents that convicted drunk from driving another car?  How long will they have to have this device on their car?

I know, but it’s a start.  If it can deter one person from getting behind the wheel while impaired, it’s worth it.  I was all for this arguement until Mr. Editorial started explaining that the DUIer’s were complaining.

What on earth do these people have to complain about? 

The cost of these little units is about $180, then there is an $80 monthly fee.  They’re complaining that it’s too much money to lay out.  They feel they’re being mistreated.  They want the county (then, ultimately, the state) to pay for it for them.

The editorial man even used the term “indigent drivers” when referring to these whiny babies.  Excuse me, Mr. Editorial Man- if one is indigent, should one even be driving a car?  I’m by no means indigent  and I can barely afford to keep our cars with the upkeep, repairs and the damn insurance.  So, which would suit you better, Drunk Driver?  Paying a paltry sum to keep the rest of the world safe from your actions, or giving up your car permanently.   Because you’re DEAD?  How about paying a TON ASS of money to your lawyer?  Or paying restitution to the family you mangled because you had to have those last two beers?  Suck it up (then blow it out) and pay the fee.  It’s not fair that we will ultimately have to pay for your punishment.  Give something else up, like, maybe not going to the bar?!?

In all fairness, Mr. Editorial man was (I think) against the State paying for these breathalyzers.  I say “I think” because he certainly didn’t say it as succinct and as passionate as I did.

Don’t do the crime if you can’t afford the time, asshats.

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