Sleep Deprivation = Sense Deprivation

I don’t think I’ll ever learn. 

As a last ditch attempt to rid myself of the migraine that pounded in my head all day yesterday, I stopped at 7-Eleven for one of their instant iced coffees.  They’re cold, they’re sweet and they’re loaded with caffeine. 

Yes, I was desperate.  The last time I had one of these, I couldn’t venture far from the bathroom.  The last time I had coffee after 7 pm, I was up all night.

Why don’t I learn?

Dealing with life on three hours of sleep is like having Super-sized PMS.  I’m cranky.  And pissy.  And since I needed more coffee than usual to wake up this morning, I can’t concentrate on one thing for too long.  I’ve typed this post three times already.

The people at work are ticking me off.  I’m ready to stab the guy in the cubicle next to me.  No offense, Frank.

My friends Facebook statuses are stupid and presumptuous.  Self-indulgent and dull.  I feel like deleting everyone.

The camp debacle makes me want to slap someone, or several someones. 

 I want to see pictures of my kid at camp, yet Bunk1 is not updating.  I want to throw my mouse through the PC screen.

I watched Moulin Rouge!, again, in the middle of the night.  It’s a pretty movie and I like the songs.  I don’t usually like Nicole Kidman, but she’s absolutely stunning as Satine.  A simple, passionate love story and yet every time I watch it (in the middle of the night) I get insanely jealous of the love between Satine and Christian.  To the point where I’m glad when Satine finally dies.

The cafeteria smells wonderful, but I can’t find anything to eat.  All I feel like eating are cookies.

I don’t want to take the bus home because I KNOW I’ll kill a day laborer if he looks at me wrong.

I so need a nap.


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