Low Chi In City

Hey.  Psst.  Wake up.  I’m back.  Are you still there?

Sorry for the lack of posts.  I send you over here so that I can post freely at work, and what do I do?  I slack.  Well, sorry.  It’s been a really busy few weeks/days/hours.  I literally have six posts already drafted in WordPress, as well as another four or five sitting in my email at home.  I have to tweak.  They’ll be ready soon.  Don’t go away, please?


Yesterday, I started my first round of acupuncture for my migraines.  I really didn’t want to resort to taking medication daily again, so this idea has been playing around in the back of my head for a year or so.  I’ve heard of a lot of people getting relief for migraines with acupuncture, but I couldn’t find one that a) took my insurance and b) wasn’t a flake.  I finally found Dr. Wang through my insurance carrier and he was confirmed a non-flake and pretty good guy by Dr. E, my chiropractor.

I was a little worried going into this, but I kept telling myself- I got tattoos, dammit, how bad can this be?  My friends on Facebook also confirmed that it doesn’t really hurt, and I can easily concentrate on other things to take my mind off having needles stuck in my skin in multiple places.  {shudder}

MR and Zombiegirl dropped me off at the office.  (Z-girl offered to go inside with me and hold my hand.  My little ghoul.  She also offered to sit with Pop-Pop and me as we got our tattoos.  I swear she’s going to grow up to be an action figure…or a doctor.)  I wasn’t too impressed by the looks of the office- Dr. Wang shares an office with a Chiropractor in a pain management center.  I’m used to Dr. E’s office- colorful and playful, yet relaxing and soothing.  This office definitely needed a woman’s touch, so naturally the whole time I was being stuck, I redecorated.

After answering a ton of questions about my lifestyle and other personal info, Dr. W took my pulse, examined my eyes and looked at my tongue then declared me anemic.  With low blood pressure.  Okay, not really a surprise there- I ALWAYS have low blood pressure and I can’t count how many times I was turned down to give blood due to anemia.  I chalked it up to not enough spinach in my diet.  (Maybe I need a hamburger.  From Happy Cows, of course…) Dr. W claimed it was due to my “Low Chi”.

Well, I’ve heard about Chi, of course. You can’t read Deepak Chopra and not get the gist of Chi’s and Chakra’s.  So my life energy is low.  No kidding.  I’m tired, I’m stressed, I’m angry, I’m grieving, I have low self-esteem, I work in the city, I have the commute from hell, I work in a closet with no light or air- shit, my Chi should be non-existent, not just low!

Dr. Wang suggested therefore, in addition to the acupuncture, a course of Chinese herbs to revitalize my Chi.  Five tiny pills twice a day (eight is the recommended course, but American stomachs can’t handle them, supposedly) taken with meals should drastically improve my mood.  I’m sure my family can only hope.

So, as I lay thinking about curtains, Dr. W places ten tiny needles in my lower legs, the crooks of my arms, the top of my head and in my belly.  Over my belly, he places a heat lamp and leaves me for 15 minutes.  I can feel the slight sting at the needle site where he swabbed me with alcohol, but other than that, I can’t feel a thing.  I drift off to sleep thinking how I can sound-proof this room I’m in.

Dr. W comes in when time’s up and starts removing the needles.  While he’s doing this he suggests I see an ENT doctor and recommends a sonogram on my neck.  Huh?  Does he know something I don’t know?  He touched the side of my neck specifically where he thinks I need to be looked at.  WTF?  Of course the worst is going through my mind right now.  Talk about bad thoughts leading to bad Chi…

We’ll explore that doctor’s appointment at a later date.  Right now, I’ll stick to the pins and needles.

So how do I feel?  Well, the forecast for today and tomorrow is rainy and I woke up this morning feeling fine, even though my barometer’s water level was at the top of the spout.  I know it takes several visits to see some improvement, but maybe it’s all in my head?  A funny side effect (you might want to skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want read this- it might be TMI) was it felt like the needles acted as a colonic- I “emptied out” several times in the half-hour between getting home and eating.  I mean a LOT!  It was as if all my bad energy was leaving via the toilet!  Okay, quite possibly in my head as well.  Whatever- I think I lost three pounds before dinner.

I will continue seeing Dr. Wang for the next three months.  Officially, he’s treating me for nausea due to migraines since the insurance wouldn’t cover for the migraines themselves.  Stupid insurance.  By the time the twelve weeks are up, Dr. W will have a beautiful oasis of an office in which to stick his clients.  In my mind, at least.

Update:  I freakin’ spoke too soon.  Ten minutes after I posted this, my vision got all blurry and I started to see my migraine aura.  Damn!  I knew it was too good to be true. 

I have to go throw up now.


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