Happy Borned Day, Zombiegirl!

I wanted to post this on Zombiegirl’s actual birthday, but as soon as we got home, the festivities began…and then life quietly spiraled out of control with the holidays and everything else we had to do. So I’m pretending, two weeks later, that the kid turned 11! Yes, 11. My baby is 11! What the hell? When did my little girl get big? In the blink of an eye, she went from this… to this.

She was the easiest and quickest labor of all the kids. We went into the doctor’s office in the morning so he could break my water- I was already nine days overdue. (She was supposed to be born on St. Patrick’s day. Good thing she wasn’t seeing how much I now dislike St. Patty’s day…) Dr. Sherman inserted the “crochet hook” and snagged the amniotic sac. After my water seeped out, he told me to go home and rest up before the contractions started. We went home and right after that the contractions started coming fast! We headed out to Winthrop (and didn’t get caught at the railroad crossing like we had been kidding about every time we went to the doctor) and they put me in a labor room right away. All hooked up to the fetal monitor and ready to go!

Labor, like I said, was quick. During one of the last pushes, however, I closed my eyes and felt my nose running. A lot. I thought maybe I had ruptured a vessel or something and my nose was bleeding. The doctor looked up at me and said “Oh my God”- not something you want to hear from your doctor during labor. Seems I had a sinus infection and pushed so hard all this snot came streaming out my nose. Dr. Sherman said he’d never seen that color green before! Lovely. Ignore the snot and push…one last push and Z-girl was born!

MR was allowed to cut the umbilical cord, and the most perfect little girl was handed over to me after her evaluation (which she scored so high on!) I remember thinking that she was so beautiful- except for her nostrils- they were a little squished. It wasn’t until we got her home that I realized MR’s nostrils are the exact same shape.

Kelsey Cecelia was born at 3:13 p.m. on March 26, 1999. She shares a birthday with my beloved Nana Ethel, who was too sick to realize her great-granddaughter was born on her 91st birthday. The time of her birth was the date MR’s little brother passed away- March 13, 40 years ago. She was 8 lbs., 13 oz, the second biggest baby of all the girls, right behind Beena, who weighed in at 9 lbs. She was, and continues to be, a wonderful child.

So, Zombiegirl, I want to say, even though I’m a little late, a little scatterbrained…

Your dad and I think you’re awesome. That’s why we’d do pretty much anything for you. You have a great personality, a wacky sense of humor, and you’re really smart! Your flips and jumps while you were in my belly just proved to us how great an athlete you’re turning out to be. Daddy already said you’re a better soccer player now than he was at this age. Keep kicking, kid. You’ll go so far with this sport!

I love the fact that you have your own style. The colored hair proves that. You don’t go in for what all the other girls are into- all the Disney chicks and the princess crap. Sometimes you scare us with your love of blood and gore and Johnny Depp, but that’s okay- you don’t take it too far or too serious. You never seem to realize that people do a double take when they see you pass by with the latest hair color (red and yellow this month). You don’t do it for the shock value. You do it because YOU like it. I have a feeling that your creativity is going to come out more and more and I personally can’t wait.

Z-girl- I want you to know that I’ll always have a lap that you can snuggle on, even if you think you’re too big.

I want you to know that you can always have tickle-time and wrestle-time with me, even if you think I’m lame.

I want you to know that you can always talk to me, even if you think I won’t understand.

I want you to know that I’ll always be there for you, even if you think I won’t.

I’m so very proud of you!

I love you, Piglet!

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