Countdown to Christmas #2- Is Santa Next?

Thanksgiving day, Zombiegirl and I were sitting on the couch. She was absorbed in an iCarly episode and I was cursing out my computer, fighting virus number elevety million. She turned to me and said, very nonchalantly, that she just pulled her tooth out. Finally. This tooth had been hanging on way too long, not ready to come out even though the tooth below it was fully in. After using four paper towels to soak up the blood, she wrapped it up and wrote a little message to the Tooth Fairy.

We celebrated Thanksgiving at my sister-in-law’s house and everything went great, since Dad came too. He seemed genuinely happy to be there. It worked out well- there were no memories of Mom connected to Thanksgiving up at Paula and Ray’s so there was no sadness on that day.

When we got home, Zombiegirl made sure the tooth was securely under the pillow when we kissed her goodnight. MR went up about a half hour later to make the switch of tooth for cash. When he entered her room, Lola (who’s been taking to sleeping with Z-girl) stirred and woke the kid. She saw her dad standing there and asked what he was doing? He told her he was checking on the dog and to go back to sleep. Him stomping down the stairs told me he was unsuccessful in his mission.

No worries- I’ll do it when I get back from the gym in the morning. She’s a heavy sleeper in the a.m. She won’t feel a thing.

I took the $5 bill Friday morning and snuck up to her room. I was feeling around gently under her pillow when her eyes flew open and she sat straight up in bed. “What are you doing?” she asked me. I told her I was checking to see if her sister got home yer. (Beena did an overnight stint waiting at the WalMart for hot deals on TV’s for her boyfriend.) I told her I was also checking o see if the Tooth Fairy had left anything and Wow! Look! She did! Five bucks!

I was holding the tooth in the other hand.

Go back to sleep, kiddo. It’s too early. I’ll see you in a little bit.

I slunk downstairs feeling busted.

When MR got up, I told him I got caught. Maybe I talked my way out of it? Maybe she was still sleepy? He’s usually the Tooth Fairy- I’m obviously not good at this.

I am REALLY not good at this.

Zombiegirl called down to me asking me to come upstairs. I went up reluctantly. She patted the bed next to her, inviting me to sit. “If I ask you a question, will you answer it?” she asked?

“Depends on the question.” I said, biding my time.

(You know what’s coming, don’t you.)

“Are you the Tooth Fairy?” my little innocent 10-year old asked?

Since I can’t lie to my kids (they always know) I broke out into a grin, then tried to hide it. She looked up at me and I swear I saw a little flash of regret pass through her eyes before she laughed and said “I knew it! I was wondering what Daddy was doing up here last night. And why you were up here this morning!”

I asked her if she was okay with all that. She claimed she was. But she did get teary for a split second. As did I. This is the last time I’ll ever play the Tooth Fairy game with one of my own.

When she went downstairs, she greeted her dad with a “Hi, Tooth Fairy!” He looked at me with that same look of regret and sadness. Our little girl is growing up.

I’ve already prepped her for Christmas. Everyone knows if you don’t believe in Santa, you get less gifts…


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