I Always Feel Like…Somebody’s Watching Me

Hi Internet Friends! Whoops, sorry. Speak softly, they might hear you. Eesh– I’m typing too loud. Type quietly, Mamasoo. You never know who might be watching. Or listening.

Like maybe, um, my company?

They’ve blocked blogger.com so I can’t post from work.

They’re taking the fun out of working.

Now, when my routines are running (and running, and running) I’ll go out for a smoke. Except I don’t smoke. So I’ll go downstairs for coffee. Or tea. Or donuts salad. Or maybe I’ll clean my office. Or run up 37 flights of stairs. I certainly can’t work because the program gums everything up EXCEPT the internet.

But I’ll find something to do.

Like write my blog on Word, send it home and copy and paste into Blogger at night. Ha! More than one way to skin a cat, Corporate Toads!

Stay tuned…

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