An Even Better Most Awesomest Giveaway

Okay, people, I know you’re out there. I know you’re reading. I know you’re downloading pictures of our tattoos. So why don’t you comment? Don’t you like the giveaway? No? not your style?

I get it. No problem.

I’ll up the ante.

Comment on ANY of my blog postings and you can win your CHOICE of $100 gift certificates. I’m still standing by, but I’m also going to add $100 gift certificate to the store on my favorites list, BranchHome.Com, or $100 gift certificate to Walmart. There. That should please EVERYONE!

Check out the rules HERE.

I’m not looking for traffic to my blog. I don’t have advertising, (although my Hubby does, and would appreciate you clicking on them so he can stay home a little while longer…) so I’m not looking to make $40,000 a month in clicks. I just wanted to celebrate the fact that I did something more than 100 times, and I’ve been blogging my heart out for over a year. So comment. I really don’t mind handing over a gift certificate to my one true reader. I love her and her wife, and they really deserve it. Just wanted to make it interesting…

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