Results Not Typical

Today was the first day in three weeks of training that I wanted to call Mike and cancel. My time of the month started last night, and I’m crampy and irritable and was NOT happy that I had to get up at 5:00 to be out of the house by 5:30. But I did.

I did a minute and a half on the Elliptical. My knees were burning too badly. Good thing I got the Glucosimine yesterday and started taking it. Hopefully soon, my joints won’t hurt when I work out. I did 6 minutes on the treadmil at 4.5 (still don’t know what this means…) Mike was ready by the time I finished.

Downstairs we go.

First stop is a huge machine to help with squats. Straight up, no weights, 2 reps of 12. The bar goes behind my head, and I squat, almost sitting on the bench. Mike adds 5lbs. on each side for one more rep of 12. After that he adds 5 more lbs. on each side for another rep of 12. Thighs are screaming….

Next is dumbell triceps kick backs. Kneeling on the bench, 4 reps of 12.

He then takes me to a machine that does chest presses. With no weights, I can’t even lift it. He knows this and helps me get the press up. I do 2 reps of 8- the machine itself must weigh 100 lbs. I’m not sure what I like better- free weights where I have to concentrate on even moves or the machines that keep the moves even.

Into the little room for work on the ball. 2 reps of 12 back curls while balanced on the ball. I almost fall off.

Then he makes me sit on the ball, with my feet up against the baseboard. He has me lean back and do crunches. I do three and…

I fart.

Now, when I was doing yoga, we would “release the toxins” and nobody cared. Christine was really good about not saying anything. And Mike was great- he either didn’t hear it, or he totally ignored it. I did say excuse me, so he should have had a clue that I did. But…I was mortified. Thank goodness there wasn’t anyone in the room with me. I guess this is a normal thing when you’re working out, right? Right? Oh, please say right!

After that I think he felt I was done. We stretched then I did the recumbent bike for 10 minutes. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. This is the next shirt I’m getting. So appropos.


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