Results Not Typical

Another workout with Mike this morning. I got there and he was still training someone else- at 5:00 am! I did 3 minutes on the Elliptical until my knees started to burn, then 2 minutes running and 5 minutes walking on the treadmill until he was ready. Then we went downstairs to the little room.

Dum Dum Dummmmm (eerie music)

I hate/love the little room downstairs. The last time we worked out in the little room, I was sore for days, but it was a good kind of sore. We worked on that bouncy ball and I totally underestimated the workout that I got. So when Mike said we’re going downstairs, I was a little apprehensive.

We started off on the straps that were attached to the steel column. 2 reps of 10 pullups with my body at a 45 degree angle. Then on my back with the squishy ball between my heels and my hands over my head. Alternate grabbing the ball and raising it over my head then bringing it back to my feet (situps.) 1 rep of 15. Laying on my back with a 10-lb. weight in each hand- raising it to the ceiling then pushing it further and twisting up, working the obliques. 1 rep of 15 for each side. Holding the bouncy ball against my lower back up against the wall and lowering to sitting squat. 2 reps of 15. Pushups- as many as I can do- which was 13! Twice! This is 5 more than I did at the evaluation. One heel on the half bouncy ball and the other leg in the air- pushing up with the bent leg- 2 reps of 15. This is where I pulled an inner thigh muscle and had to stretch it out. Leaning sideways on the squishy ball and raising my leg toes down for 1 rep of 15 each leg. Not as easy as it sounds. In fact, none of this is easy for me- I’m grotesculy out of shape, spastic and not flexible since I stopped yoga. Which I’m going to do every night at 11:00 pm. Just so that I can sleep well and move better.

After all this I did the inclined bike- Mike was concerned for the pulled muscle. 10 minutes on the bike and my legs turned to jelly. Going up the stairs at Penn Station almost had me in tears. Which proves to me I CAN’T go 4 days without working out…


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