NaBloPoMo #7- My First Commission!

One of my 101 Things in 1001 Days was to up my Etsy sales. I’ve had an Etsy shop since January, with a few of my bags and a few of my dinosaurs. I haven’t sold anything yet. I was really thinking of taking down the shop and just concentrating on craft sales, but then I got the bill. A whopping $3.03 to keep these items active. Big deal, I decided- it’s costing pennies and I’m not doing anything but waiting. So I kept it going.

Yesterday I get a convo from Etsy. My first commission! This little baby is sold!She’s going to a customer who, six years ago, asked his girlfriend if he could buy her anything what would she want? She said “A Stegosaurus!” He finally decided to ask her to be his wife and he’s using MY stegosaurus to help him propose! How freaking awesome is this? I hope he puts the ring on the tail!

I made three of these dinos for my nieces and nephew, and one each for Parker and JJ. I took the pictures before I wrapped them, and put them on Etsy as a made-to-order item. The customer picks the colors and I’ll sew it up. This way I don’t have these giant dinosaurs (two feet long) sitting in my office waiting to be sold. So this customer wants black, red and green. (eesh) I’ll go and pick the fabric, email him the samples and get his approval. While I’m at it, I’ll make a second one to sell at the West Hampton craft sale in 3 weeks. It’s really not a big deal to make two at the same time. (I don’t have a picture of the Brontosaurus I made for Lilly. I also made that Brontosaurus for the little girl in the family my office adopted at Christmas. Is it a Brontosaurus anymore? I think it’s really an Apatosaurus, but the pattern is so old they still call it a Bronto!)

I get so excited when someone actually wants to pay money for the things I create. When I make something for someone as a gift, I always picture that item in the recipient’s life. As a gift, it’s kind of forced on them. But when someone wants to pay me for my talent- wow. That just blows me away every time.

Check out the Etsy tab for other stuff I’m still selling!

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