NaBloPoMo #1- Procrastination to the nth Power

It’s 11:04 pm. I’ve been putting off posting all day and now I have a less than an hour to get a post in. Wow- nothing like starting the month off on a postitive note. But I have excuses. I’ve been scrubbing, weeding and painting all day in preparation of my nieces and nephew coming over tomorrow. This place has to be spotless, especially at a knee-high level. Beena and Zombiegirl are watching the kids while we go to Barbara and John’s wedding. Barbara is my FIL’s daughter- MR’s step-sister. She’s my step-sister-in-law. Follow all that? Good. It gives me a headache.

I haven’t been able to give the house a good cleaning, or the garden a good weeding in weeks. Summer’s always tough since we go to the beach house on the weekends. Add to that trying to *finally* finish up the painting in the hallway upstairs.

So while I’m doing all this work, instead of listening to showtunes on one of the upper cable channels (like I always do when I’m either home alone or cleaning) I’ve been humming these little songs Zombiegirl has turned us on to:

The video is awesome. So of course we have to investigate more of these brilliant videos, and we discover Parry Gripp.

According to the LA Times, “Gripp is a 41-year old Santa Barbara native and lead guitarist and vocalist for his band Nerf Herder” and part owner of an orchid nursery. “Between working shifts at the family-owned nursery, he writes music to acccompany various YouTube clips. Some of his most popular are “Cat Flushing a Toilet”, and “Chimpanzee Riding on a Segwey”.

“Then there’s his biggest hit, “Do You Like Waffles,” which has been mashed up by numerous fans on YouTube. The song has been selling between 300 to 400 per week for the last year, Gripp said. That adds up to $20,000 before Apple takes its cut. And that’s just one song.
Gripp can’t participate in YouTube’s revenue sharing model, where the company gives some of the ad money to video producers, because he doesn’t own the underlying videos that his music accompanies. He instead uses the videos’ popularity to drive
sales of the songs on iTunes and ringtones.

He’s pleased with the money coming from these outlets. All the attention, he said, has spurred deals to write promotional songs for the Wawa chain of convenience stores and for a cartoon called “Super Hero Squad.”

It beats the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, he says. “Most of your time is spent either in a van or a bus,” he wrote in an instant message. “You get to whatever place you are going to play at, and then you wait around forever. The actual playing is fun, but the rest of it sucks.”

Well, Parry, thanks. Your song “Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom” is going through my head this minute. My kids are tired of me asking them if they like waffles. My husband doesn’t understand why I’m telling him “up my butt with a coconut.” You’re a genius, Parry. And you’re my next cell ringtone. Now to decide which song…

Tomorrow? My first restaurant review.


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