Fake Girlfriends, or How I Stalk Mommy Bloggers

Oh, I’m so sad! I just finished reading, from start to finish, one of my new favorite bloggers. Since I’ve given up The Pioneer Woman, (cuz she just don’t “Keep it Real”) I’ve had a void in my life. Sure, I have my other blogs- my crafty blogs, my snarky blogs and my funny blogs, but I need that perfect blog where I can spy on someone else’s life, learn stuff about them and pretend to be their friend.

If my REAL friends would blog more often, I wouldn’t need to stalk someone else.

And remember? My perfect night out is driving around drinking wine and looking in peoples windows…

So in my internet travels, I’ve found two blogs from two very funny ladies who just crack my shit up.

Barefoot Foodie, or Brittany, is a new mom who curses endlessly, picks on her own weight, but loves her husband and children unconditionally. She doesn’t exploit her kids- in fact very few posts are ABOUT her kids. She writes about her pregnancy (she’s very fertile,) her hunger (she’s always hungry,) and how much she sweats (alot.) Read her. I swear you’ll laugh out loud.

The Bloggess, or Jenny, is a super-blogger who writes for the Houston Chronicle, has a satirical Sex Column, an advice column and still finds time to blog. I haven’t read her whole blog, or her Sex Column- it’s blocked at work- but I’m working on it. Anyone who blogs that she got a cougar skull with candy cane antlers for Christmas from her father– I want to know! So I guess when things quiet down at work, Ill start reading the Blogress from the beginning!

Good work, Brit and Jen! May I call you Brit and Jen? I should- I’m your new best friend!


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