…And Your Mother Dresses You Funny

Ugh- I hate this layout. My last layout had these funky Photobucket ads that were embedded in the 3-column layout that I like. According to New Tips for Bloggers, I took out the offending Photobucket link. When I viewed my blog, everything was reversed color-wise and it looked like ass. I tried almost all morning to put 3-columns back on another template, and Blogger wasn’t having it. So I’m stuck with this. When I get home, I’ll look for another template that doesn’t make me wince everytime I open it.

I’ll post about the weekend in a bit- we went to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and out to Riverhead. It was out in Tanger Outlets in Riverhead that I decided to take steps to get rid of my fat, bloated body. Beena, Zombiegirl and I had a blast buying clothes for Zombiegirl for camp, and Beena’s upcoming trip. I desperately needed new stuff, so I got in on the fun and bought pants, shirts and a new watch. When I got home, everything fit (if I squeezed my jumbo belly into them) but they just didn’t look right.

(But Mamasoo- you’re a vegetarian! You should be nice and slim since you eat all those veggies! WTF?)

Yes- key word there is SHOULD. I gave up meat, but didn’t give up cookies, nuts, candy and chocolate. And ice cream. And how many calories are in a Boca Burger anyway?

Soooo, I kick started my diet with a SlimFAst for breakfast and lunch, and these all natural capsules from SlimQuick. They help:

  • Reduce excess water retention. This I definitely need. I look like I’m 5 months preggers when I’m bloated two weeks before “that time.”
  • Balance female hormones. Oh. Yes. My hormones need balance. I’m like a madwoman half the time- cranky, irritable- just ask MR. And some of my co-workers.
  • Reduce stress. Need I even comment on this?
  • Increase metabolism. I thought it was the crappy weather that had me wanting to lie on the couch in my stained sweatpants inhaling trailmix (well, picking out the M&M’s in the trailmix) and watching Wipeout. Guess it’s just my crappy metabolism.
  • Increase energy. I walk to and from the bus stop and/or train station. Then I’m exhausted when I get home/to work. Maybe this will help.
  • Provide Antioxidants. Who doesn’t need a few more antioxidants in their life?

These magic pills are all mostly natural, with Acai berry, green tea, pomegranate, Chaste Tree Extract (can trees BE chaste?) and brown seaweed. Pretty expensive little pills, so I hope they work. After two and a half weeks, I’ll go back to eating sensibly. I just need that kick start to be able to zipper those shorts I bought at American Eagle!

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