For Sale: One Yard, Slightly Mossy

We had a yard sale on Sunday. Palm Sunday. I was bad and didn’t go to church. It was only the second time I missed a Palm Sunday. The first was when I was traveling to Hilton Head, SC. Ah. Hilton Head. sniff, sniff. Don’t get upset, mamasoo! sniff. Don’t even think about it. sniff!

Sorry- where was I? Oh. Yard sailing. Or is it sale-ing? Either way, we sailed through the sale. I had so much stuff to put out. Cleaning out mom’s things, I knew I would be bringing more stuff into the house, so I tried to get rid of some of the extraneous things I had laying around. We had good weather, and good company- Soulspeak23, Ildi and their kitty, Ruddyna with her new car, and for awhile, Beena and her boyfriend John and MR. Some of my soccer moms and one very dear friend came by for moral support- not support for the yard sale, just support for the recent events in my life. Zombiegirl and her friends when crazy with the clothes- Zgirl tried on one of mom’s fully fringed dresses, and declared herself an ape because it was “hairy”. It was good to be outside and laughing.

Things sold. It wasn’t really busy- we didn’t have the regular traffic we usually get on my street. I made about $60 bucks, spent it on expensive pizza (never again, Gino’s!) and Mr. Softee. But, we had a LOT of stuff left. Check it out what didn’t sell…

Princess dresses. Am I really ever going get the party business going again? Probably not. I’m not into pampered, spoiled princesses bossing me and my staff around. And don’t even get me started on their kids! So…out goes all the princess dresses. I’m cleaning them up, and putting them on either ebay or Craigslist. Out goes the tea sets. I am not doing kids parties ever again, unless it’s my own kid’s. And we all know she hates princesses. There. I said it. Out loud. No more parties. I have witnesses.

Why on earth did I keep my first wedding dress? I didn’t keep my first husband, so why the dress? It got quite a few laughs at the yard sale, and comments about how thin I was. Whatever. I felt good in that dress at that time, and since then, I’ve had three kids. So, whatever. Out it goes. Donate to Savers.

The twelve Beefeater glasses MR finagled from our favorite Indian restaurant? Out.

The chocolate molds mom gave me years ago? The ones that I NEVER EVER USED because I hate working with chocolate? Out.

The Precious Moments I received while working in a Hallmark store so many years ago, and have been sitting under my desk for the last 18 years? Out! Ebay them, or pass them along to friends.

We’re planning another yard sale in May. Cleaning up after this yard sale I found a ton of stuff I forgot to put out. I’ll put the above-mentioned stuff out if it doesn’t sell elsewhere. Since I now have more time on my hands, sniff, I’m going to be spending it on Ebay, Craigslist and Freecycle! Unless you want it…

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