Bear it and Grin.

Remember my Resolutions post? That rambling nonsense where I bravely put forth all that I would do for the coming year 2009? Here it is, the end of February, and I’ve decided to take stock on the situation. What have I accomplished in the last two months?

Have I been a duck and let things roll off my back? Have I stopped caring about how stupid people are, and stopped letting them get to me? Umm, no. Okay, I think I still have to work on that one a little. I still gripe and complain about work-related issues to my co-workers and MR. I still get ticked off at people on the bus. I’ll make an effort to fix this.

Have I looked around at my surroundings and try to see the pretty? I think yes to this one. I’ve been more appreciative of my surroundings. I’ve become alert, and right now register colors more than anything. In my bleak, dreary world, I see pretty colors. It’s a start.

Reslolution 3 has seen me bringing my own breakfast, lunch and tea to work. I’ve made my own granola (still a work in progress, but not bad) and saved about $5 a box. I’ve been taking the bus and train everyday. I did use the LIRR when Zombiegirl and her friend Suzie came into the city to deliver Girl Scout cookies. And I used it today. But I’ve had good reasons to. I’ve sold stuff on Etsy and Ebay, making it possible to feed my weird passion for fabric. I will start going to the gym. I feel good about this resolution.

Resolution 4- I need to take off my sneakers. I’m doing it right now, okay? And I’m going to put on makeup, even if it is 11:30 am already. This would be so much easier if my office wasn’t so cold…

Here comes Resolution 5. This is where I said 2009 would be about getting me and the family to healthcare. Well, so far I’ve had a mammogram in January, and MR and I just started at the dentist. Dr. Harutunian is great- she’s non-judgemental and not a sadist. We both needed periodontal work (me more than him) and right now I’m sitting here with ropes of hard antibiotic goo between my teeth. And aching after all the novocaine. But once this procedure is done, I can get my front crown replaced, implants for my missing back teeth, my braces on and my teeth bleached. Watch how many pictures I take then! With me actually in them! Next on the list, after I’ve paid for most of the dental work is an acupuncturist and dermatologist. I’ll make them March’s priority.

I’ll check back on this subject in another two months. I have to go and pick out goo.

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