Hello? Anyone out there?

Today my co-worker told me he found my blog. Which isn’t very hard since I posted the link on Facebook, and it’s in my email signature. It is a little disconcerting. The first thing I said was “Ooh- don’t read my blog!” To think someone whom I work with everyday getting a glimpse into my lunatic ravings made me a little embarrased. I write specifically to 3 or 4 people as well as thousands of unknown web-lurkers. Yeah, I know Soulspeak reads my blog, and she works with me everyday- but she already knows I’m a lunatic, and I tell her all this shit anyway. And my soccer moms are just as nuts as I am, so no worries there. But I respect this specific co-worker’s opinion, and I’m a little worried that he’ll think I’m shallow for even writing a blog.

But wait a minute…

I call this guy 30 times a day for help with Autocad, Archibus, my PC and general corporate crap. He probably already suspects that I’m stupid, idiotic, dysfunctional. He puts up with alot from me, as well as the rest of my team. So what am I worried about? Hey, Rick- read me! Maybe you’ll get some insight into WHY I’m so crabby all day! And that it’s not only work that makes me crabby! Isn’t this the whole point of blogging? According to Wikipedia, the definition of a blog is “A personal or corporate website in the form of an online journal, with new entries appearing in sequence as they are written, especially as dealing with reflections or opinion, and typically incorporating links to other articles.” Why else did I post a blog if not so people can read it. So come on people- read my blog! I’m reflecting. And VERY opinionated. And I ain’t got nothin’ to hide…

To celebrate my realization that people might ACTUALLY read what I write, I’m having a giveaway. Tell me in the comments what your favorite Girl Scout cookie is by midnight Sunday, January 11th and I’ll randomly pick a number and send the winner:

A $25 iTunes gift card. I actually have this in my possession, so no owesies.

Oh, and by the way, Zombiegirl is selling Girl Scout cookies (nice segue, ya think?) They’re $3.50, and shipping is free. If you actually buy a box (or more) when you comment, I’ll put your name in twice for the iTunes gift card!


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