Ack, I am so behind!

Here goes…

November 19th thankfulness: Today I am thankful for all the creative people on the Internet. You’ve inspired me and taught me. What did we do in the past without all this knowledge at our fingertips? Special thanks to Amy Karol at Angry Chicken, Kristin and Beth at Sew, Mama, Sew, and Jana at Lola…again! These blogs have given me the information and the confidence to create my own stuff- to sell and give away! You guys rock!

November 20th thankfulness: Today I am thankful for birds. I get such a kick out of watching them fly in and out of our birdhouse. When I’m doing my hair, looking in the mirror, I can see into the backyard, and they keep me company (and entertained) sitting inside poking their little heads out. MR- get cracking and build many, many more birdhouses! That reminds me, I have to put out seed for them….

November 21st thankfulness: Today I went into NJ for our monthly “Best Practices” meeting. I left my bankcard home, so I had absolutely zero money. Thankfully, George D. picked up my lunch. Thanks, George! Don’t believe everything we say about you!

November 22nd thankfulness: Today was the craft sale. I’m thankful to all the people who put their faith in my talent and bought stuff from me! Shawn and Judy- you are very classy ladies!

November 23rd thankfulness: Can I be thankful for a TV show? Bravo’s Top Chef never interested me until I got caught watching their Season 2 marathon. Now I’m hooked. Thanks for the entertainment value, as well as the inspiration to cook new and exciting foods! I don’t know how you guys do it. I wish I went to Culinary School. Every Wednesday nights at 10:00 EST!

Now I’m caught up. Stop your bitchin’!


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