November thankfulness- let’s play catch up

Yeah, it’s been a week. With my mom, and MR going away for the weekend hunting, then me coming down with a cluster of migraines, I haven’t been in the mood to post. So a week later, I’ll do a little catching up:

November 14th thankfulness: Today I am thankful for my sister-in-law, Laura. One of MR’s two younger sisters, she has the pleasure of hosting MR and Jason for two nights. And they’re stealing her husband, Eric, to go with them hunting up in Putnam Valley. God bless you, Laura, that you get to put up with all the hunting and gun talk. And thanks. I know how the guys are.

(Why do the boys keep coming home empty handed? Seems there’s plenty of wildlife out there…)

November 15th thankfulness: Tonight I am thankful for cab drivers. Mandy, Jodi and I went out to a local bar (boy did I need a drink after the week I had!) and instead of driving and losing one of us to sobriety, we cabbed it there and back. At 3:00 am, these men (and women) live dangerously dealing with the drunks on the road, and the drunks in their cabs. Thank you, Mr. Cabdriver, for picking us up and safely delivering us to our homes. Even if we forget where we live.

November 16th thankfulness: Today I am thankful for yoga, and our yoga instructor, Christine. after 4 hours of sleep, and a hangover that would take down a moose, Jodi, Mandy and I made it to yoga. Begrudingly and sour, we used yoga to release the toxins inside. I think I released a little too much toxin at one point, but I was in good company. Christine was very understanding, and went easy on us, and left us in the Savasana pose (Corpse pose) for a little longer so that we could rest. Honestly, afterwards? My hangover seemed to dissapate, and I was able to function normally (though tired) for the rest of the day. Yoga is awesome.

November 17th thankfulness: Today I am thankful for sewing machines. I’ve recently developed a renewed love of sewing and thanks to all the fabulous crafters on the Internets, I’ve taught myself how to make bags, stuffed animals and other wonderful things. My sewing machine, however, is tempermental. If it doesn’t stop jamming, I’m going to teach it to fly. Into the backyard. This is the perfect outlet for the creative side of me. Create functional things! Be prepared, though. I’m making about 70% of all my Christmas gifts!

November 18th thankfulness: Since this is the first day of my migraine cluster, I don’t feel thankful, but I’ll come up with something. Okay…. I’m thankful for Peppermint tea. Right now, it’s the only thing my stomach can handle. When it’s hot, it gives off a soothing mentholated vapor that will clear your sinuses. The tingle you get when it hits the back of your throat is wonderful. Try Celestial Seasonings. It’s awesome.

Okay, more tomorrow. And if you’re interested, stop by the St. Thomas Craft Sale tomorrow in West Hempstead. I’ll be there selling bags….

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