November 13th thankfulness

Hah! Two in one day!

As I’m cutting out pieces to make bags for the craft sale next weekend (I know I procrastinate,) I figured out what I’m thankful for.


I’ve cut my fingers twice with the scissors, and I stabbed myself twice on the bus today doing my cross-stitch. Since I’m selling these bags, and giving the cross-stitch as a gift, I can’t personalize them with my AB-. So I’m thankful for Bandaids.

The Bandaid was invented in 1921 by Earle Dickson, who realized his wife was clumsy. She kept cutting her fingers with the knife as she prepared his dinner. Back then, the gauze and the tape were separate, and when he applied the gauze then wrapped the tape around his wife’s fingers, they kept slipping off. He put a small piece of gauze in the middle of the tape, then taped it to her fingers, then wrapped it in crinoline. His boss, James Johnson, was so impressed with this he decided to market this invention, and made Earle the Vice-President of Johnson & Johnson. The Bandaid was born.

So be thankful to Earle, his clumsy wife and his boss. Even small, stupid ideas can be fruitful!

My rant today happened on the V train coming home today. Besides the fact I was supposed to be on the F train and ended up not where I was supposed to be, I was pushed aside by a man desperate to get on the train and get a seat. So desperate he pushed me aside, stepped in front of another girl and pushed a man over who needed to get off the train. Pushed him over! I followed him into the train, and sat exactly opposite him. When I caught his eye, I wagged my finger back and forth at him. He looked puzzled, then I said, “Not good.” “What?” he replied. I continued waggling my finger (not the bleeding one) at him and said again, “Not good. You pushed everyone aside to sit down. That is NOT good.” I kept repeating this like the madwoman I felt like until I so totally intimidated him and he scuttled off further into the train to another seat. Hah! I felt so vindicated and strong that I got totally lost for 45 minutes deep in Queens.

That’ll teach me.

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