November 11th thankfulness

Today is Veteran’s day, so naturally, I thank God for those men and women who have served in the armed forces. They’ve sacrificed much to serve their country, and I thank them!

I’m also going to thank God for doctors. My mom, who has gone through extensive surgery to remove cancerous tumors in her face and neck just found out that the cancer has come back. After 5 months of grueling recuperation she faces surgery again. Her surgeon, after the last surgery, said that if it comes back there isn’t anything they can do. Another surgeon who had been following her case feels that there is a chance he can help. They’re calling him tomorrow for a consultation.

Please keep my mom, Helen, in your prayers, as well as the doctors and the nurses that heal us and make our bodies well.

My heart isn’t really in a rant today, but here goes. Stop going to tanning salons. You increase the risk of skin cancer later in life everytime you tan. If you want to look healthy, put healthy foods in your body, exercise and drink lots of water. You don’t need to change your color to look healthy. I’m not going to protest outside tanning salons. If you could see my mom and what she’s going through, you may change your mind.

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