November 8 thankfulness

Today I am thankful for my parents. My mom has gone through alot with cancer and the subsequent surgery. Her face is swollen, she can’t eat, she can’t talk very well and she’s lost alot of weight, but she is being very brave in the face of uncertainty and adversity. I can’t imagine what she’s going through and feel helpless that I can’t do anything to ease her pain or help her eat. But through all this, she doesn’t forget her family and they are both willing to help out when their family needs something. I thank you, Mom and Dad, and Beena thanks you as well. Love you both! Be strong, Mom!

Today I’m going after the feminine products companies. Obviously, since some companies are producing tampons with cardboard applicators, it’s a possibility. For crying out loud- O.B. doesn’t even NEED an applicator. Why then, are these companies still producing plastic applicators? Ladies- is it really that important that your applicator “glide?” I won’t go into how many pads end up in the landfill. Why must our applicators end up there too? I’m demanding that tampon companies that still make plastic applicators cease production and go green. A research trip to Walgreens tonight will be necessary for me to get a good idea on which products are increasing my carbon-footprint. I’ll post links soon if you want to join my “bloody crusade!”

And by the way…I switched to cloth sanitary pads. They’re cute, really comfortable, washable and best of all, I’m not sending around 300 pads a year to the landfill! I love Claire de Lune’s cloth pads on I’ve got my eye on those cute rocker skull pads!


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