Thankfulness With Added Attitude

I surf the web. I surf the web alot. My job requires me to sit behind a computer, and sometimes run routines on Autocad. This takes awhile- if I smoked, I could go downstairs and smoke 20 times a day. So, instead of inhaling, I surf.

I run across alot of stuff on the interwebs. That’s the main reason why I started this blog- to have all the links I’ve found over the years at my fingertips, instead of in my Favorites at work. What if I was laid off? Gasp! I would never find some of my favorite websites/blogs/lolcats!

Anywhoo, yesterday while I was surfing, I found this blog where the owner said she was going to post what she was thankful for each day of November. Well, I thank God privately in my prayers each day for what is given to me in my life. But I’m going to follow that woman’s lead and actually say out loud what I am thankful for- one for each day in November. Okay, okay, I’m a little late- it’s already the 6th. I’ll catch up.

November 1st- I’m thankful for my Soccer mom friends. See this post to know why. I’m thankful today for them because I’m watching Zombiegirl and the Soccergirls play their semi final game, and even though we’re in last place playing the first place team, the moms never give up cheering and rooting for the girls. Hugs go all around when the girls lose 5-3 but the encouragement never stops. These moms are awesome, and I’m blessed to have them as my friends. Even Ronnie, who wasn’t there on for the game, made up for it with laughs Saturday night at Jason’s party.

November 2nd- I’m thankful for St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in West Hempstead. It was All Saint’s Sunday, and ” take a friend to church” day. Zombiegirl took Haley and Tyler to church, then to music, then to Sunday School class. The teachers and the ushers and especially Pastor were so kind and welcoming that the kids want to come back this week! It is truly “a caring church for all people, sharing God’s love!”

November 3rd- I’m thankful for my job. I know I complain about it, and it’s really not the greatest job in the world, but at least I have one. As I see all the layoffs in the other divisions, and get word that my friends have been let go, I have to step back when I get aggravated and be thankful that I’m still employed.

November 4th- Election day. I’m thankful that I live in America and have the right to choose who I want to be President.

November 5th- I am thankful for my work “wife“, and her sweetheart of an officemate. They didn’t throw it up in my face that Obama won the Presidential election even though I did exhibit some childish, peevish behavior that McCain lost. I love these two, and I think they like me for who I am, even though I’m 20 years their senior and Republican.

November 6th- I am thankful for cilantro. Yes, I said cilantro. I just had a Veggie Burrito Bowl at Chipotle, and I think the crisp, clean taste of cilantro is one of my favorite flavors! Note to self- grow cilantro in the herb garden next year.

See- I’ve caught up. Now for the attitude portion of this blog…

I am so tired of being a wimp. When you work in NYC, you have to put up with so much crap from so many arrogant, ignorant people. It’s hard to put people in their place, though, without risking a broken nose or a rabbit punch to the kidney. But there are little things that irk us that we can voice an opinion or complain about! So each day in November I’m going to post about something that ticks me off, and what I’m going to do to rectify it, or at least make me feel better that I did something about it. No violence- I’m not ready to punch the woman who keeps hitting me in the head with her bag on the F train. And I’m NOT grumpy. Just fed up. Feel free to peruse my “causes” below, and join in the protest and petitions! Once again, I’ll catch up…

November 1st- I Contacted Stop and Shop about not having soy cream cheese and yogurt in their organic aisle. Stores actually listen to their consumers, so if your store doesn’t carry want you want- ask for it!

November 2nd- I received a letter and check in the mail yesterday from Bank of America. I think it was for a referral for when Biggz opened her student checking account. I say think because the letter I received, as well as the insert WAS IN SPANISH! Now those who know me know my name is the least sounding Spanish name there is. It’s German. I have no idea why BOA would send me a letter totally in Spanish. If they had a doubt as to whether or not I was Spanish, shouldn’t they send it in English since THIS IS AMERICA? Taking time out tonight to write a letter to Mr. Kevin Miller, Vicepresidente of BOA. Should I write it in Spanish?!? I’ll post it and the response when/if I get one.

November 3rd- I contacted The Town of Hempstead Highway regarding the bus stop shelter where I get the N6 in the morning. The glass is hanging out of the frame, and rattles every time a truck goes by. It’s just a matter of time before it falls out. I’ll post the letter and the response when/if I get one.

November 4th- I’m planning this weekend to take some “recycled” campaign lawn signs and post them in the creek area behind my house. All with the message “Curb your dog”. People, myself included, walk their dogs in this area. It’s owned by the county, so technically, we’re not supposed to walk down there. Our family always cleans up after Spencer, but recently, there has been alot of poop down there- right on the pathway! Maybe people just need a gentle reminder. I hope so. I hate poop.

November 5th- I’m contacting my neighbor to ask him to clean up all the construction debris they left in above-mentioned creek area when they tore up their backyard.

November 6th- I contacted Pathmark about putting in a bike rack in front of their store. Since I’m walking and biking everywhere in the neighborhood, it would be nice to be able to do a little grocery shopping and know my bike would be there when I’m done. If they respond back, I’ll let you know.

So I’m caught up. Check back daily! And I AM NOT GRUMPY!

BTW- SS23 is the winner by default for Hump day Hypothetical Question #1, and Beena is the winner of question #2! They’ll each receive a $10 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card on Friday, November 7th! They’ll be more Hump Day questions coming up next week. I’ll announce the gift at that time- maybe we can get a few of the shy readers to comment!


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