Hump Day Hypothetical Question

It’s hump day. We’re starting on the downward slide to Friday. This weekend should be lots of fun. Zombiegirl has her first Girl Scout outing Saturday morning. Much to her dismay, they’re going to see High School Musical 3. Now this is a kid who would rather watch Dawn of the Dead right before bed, and who is going as Sweeney Todd (the Demon Barber of Fleet Street) for Halloween. Having to go see one of the “popular” tweeny movies is tantamount to pulling out her fingernails. But she said she’d go because her whole troop is going. Who knows- maybe she’ll replace the song “Bones” by the Killerz with “Right Here, Right Now” from the movie on her MP3 player!

(I looked that song up. I really have no idea what the movie is even about!)

We also have a Halloween party for Soccergirl K (Mandy‘s daughter) Saturday night- I get to be a Fortune Teller! Last year I was a witch- see my myspace page. On Sunday, we get to celebrate my nephew Raymond’s 4th birthday. My SIL Paula usually does a Halloween party for him because his birthday is the 29th. Funny- Beena would NEVER let me do a Halloween birthday party for her growing up. She was born on the 30th! Maybe for her 21st….

Anyway, I’m happy it’s Hump Day. And I’m going to start a new tradition! Answer the Hypothetical Question in the comments section by October 26th, and the next day I’ll pick someone (all one of you) at random for a giveaway! Here is Hypothetical Question #1:

If you could have coffee with anyone in the world, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Comment by October 26th, and I’ll email the winner on the 27th. Happy Hump Day!


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