People Craftier than Me

I am blessed, I’ll admit it. Blessed with three cool kids. Blessed with a great husband. Blessed with good friends and family. Blessed with a job and a roof over my head. And blessed with some talent to create things with my hands. But as human nature goes, no matter what we’re blessed with, we always covet things other people have. The thing I covet the most? To be as talented as the people I find on the Internet. I click everyday, and every day I find someone making something I wish I had the time/money/knowledge and the talent to make. Here are a few of my favorites:

JCaroline Creative She has great projects, great ideas as well as a store for ribbons, purse handles and fabric.

One Hour Craft :Lots of tutorials and tons of crafts to knock out in an hour!

RicRac :Tutorials- I especially like the one-hour bag!

Super Eggplant: I come across her alot while I surf the Internet. Check out Totebags 101!

Poopscape: Poopscape Projects has some cool Halloween projects I want to do!

Top Cross Stitch Sites: Lots and lots of links to free designs!

Circle of Crafters: Specifically the Irisfolding instuctions. You name it, they have patterns and links for it!

Frog Creek Cottage: Wonderful stories interspersed between great tutorials. I love the Gathering Apron!

Craft Leftovers: This very busy lady has a monthly packet of Crafty Things you can purchase. Also lots of Patterns in her Pattern Archive.

Posie Gets Cozy: Patterns, tutorials and TONS of crafty links.

Loopy Lace’s Crazy Quilt Lessons: Someday, when I’m old and gray, I will make one of these with all the scraps I have from all the projects I’ve done!

Planet June’s Shrink Plastic Ring Tutorial: Maybe for the girls for Christmas Presents next year?

And it goes without saying that I can spend hours and hours pouncing on Etsy!

Happy surfing!

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