Purses and Bags and Totes, oh my!

If any of my family finds this blog, the secret’s out. They’re all getting some sort of bag, purse or tote for Christmas presents! Now to decide who gets what- that’s usually the hard part!


  • I love this bag! And the colors! I would make it slightly larger for any of the ladies in my life. And Lola? She’s great, too. The Jenny Bag
If I feel energetic, and have enough time, I’m including in each bag a keychain wristlet (search key wristlet on Etsy).

Add to that the little no-cash wallet from Amy Karol from Angry Chicken and half my Christmas battle is done! The figuring out part, that is!

One of my facilities managers brought me to a conference room that was being renovated.  She showed me the beautiful silk that was stapled to the panels lining the walls of the room and told me she wanted to salvege it.  Of course I managed to snag a few pieces after it came down.  I’m planning on making a clutch for her birthday in February.


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