Greening My Life

I’m attempting to go green. And someday soon, go organic. But I need to twist my mind and habits to this concept. For example- I started writing down some of the websites I’ve found to help, and decided I needed a sturdier, cuter notebook to jot everything down in. I turn to my office supply catalog to see what’s available. Then, when I realized what I did, I dropped the catalog like it was suddenly on fire! NO NO NO! Bad girl! I have tons of notebooks I can write in and carry them around.

But wait, my little brain cried! Do something even greener! How can you avoid writing this down and wasting paper altogether? I had just finished reading about Megan, from, who started her blog to remember internet sites and projects she made- basically creating her blog for herself. Smart cookie! I’ll do the same to keep my findings, thoughts and lists on the internet. And if anyone else finds it, and can benefit from it, good for me!

  • To limit the amount of catalogs mailed to your home, logon to Sign up, find the catalogs you’re inundated with, and they’ll contact the company with a no mail request!
  • If you hate Val-pak as much as I do, you can get their Opt Out mailing address from This website provides a form letter you can personalize and print out for many of the obnoxious junk mailings you get everyday.
  • I need to get the Zombiegirl a new water bottle. Husband refills a used bottle every time she goes to play soccer. Beena and Biggz could benefit from the new, funky stainless steel water bottles from, too. The Siggs and the Klean Kanteens are perfect for taking to class. Perfect Christmas presents!
  • Since I took the batteries out of all my toys (more thoughts on that, later) I’m left with a ton of batteries. When they’re all gone, which shouldn’t take long in my house, I’m investing in these cheap, rechargeable batteries from And a charger for everyone. More Christmas presents!

I found all these links at Lots of tips for shopping green, green living and the latest green news.

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